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October, 31 2018

Website quite inactive, see my new Facebook Page!

Sorry guys for letting this site inactive for such time, i did a facebook page that is sincerely better than maintaining this website.
I still have plans for this site though, planning to sell some exclusive physicals only here, and i think i will only bulk update it, with the latest batch of releases from a month.

September, 12 2018

New Cheap Soda and Cement Tea EPs!

Get 2 of em on Tsundere Violence here! and on x drone x heart x here.

August, 25 2018

New Triple Discharge album and EP!

Get em on my bandcamp here!

August, 5 2018

New Cement Tea album, new Esca-chan EP and new Shovelware EP!

After months of the first one, here's the new Cement Tea album! Get it here!
There's also a new Esca-chan EP, released on my birthday (kinda late now hehe), you can get it here.
And a new Shovelware EP, out now on No Disco Records! Listen and download it here.

July, 13 2018

New Triple Discharge release!

Boo! New spooky Triple Discharge release! Happy spooky friday, hope y'all enjoy! Get it here!

July, 10 2018

2 New releases, upcoming Triple Discharge album and first physical release!

Recharged EP and Juice EP released! Sorry for not giving the update here, was busy lately!
There's a upcoming Triple Discharge album on this friday!
And you can buy my new album as Shovelware that there are CDr versions! Get it here!

June, 19 2018

3 New releases!!!

Another New Cheap Soda release with a lot of lives i did while bored later days! Listen and download it here.
Also 2 new Cement Tea EPs, Moefang EP with really noisy industrial breakcore tracks that you can get on Tsundere Violence, and another EP released on RSKP with 4 speedcore and flaschore tracks! You can get on RSKP Homepage

June, 2 2018

New Cheap Soda Release And Full Bandcamp Discography For Download!

New Cheap Soda Album! A bunch of experimental sessions i did this week! Get it here.
Now you can also buy my entire discography for one dollar or more on Bandcamp! Go ahead and buy if you want: https://escachan.bandcamp.com/

May, 30 2018

MiscMiscMisc 2!

The second volume of MiscMiscMisc is out now finally! Enjoy all those unreleased tracks/compilation appearences! Get it here.

May, 24 2018

The First Bakacast was uploaded!

Finally mixing something after a while! The mix is not done live because my shitty computer and that i need to pratice more on such thing! Anyway you can listen to it here.

May, 23 2018

New Cement Tea EP on Doomcore!

Another new Cement Tea EP on doomcore, spookier than eveer! Get it here!

May, 20 2018


Got a interview on Moessacre Rex! Check it out here!

May, 20 2018

Cement Tea - Fuckups EP out now on RKSP!

New experimental speedcore EP as Cement Tea! Very spooky sounds on this one, get it here.

May, 16 2018

Cowbell EP

Did a silly little EP themed on cowbells, very fun simple stuff! get it here.

May, 15 2018

New Shovelware Live Album!

There it is! A album as Shovelware, full of live tracks i did this weekend when not home! get it here.

May, 14 2018

2 new Splits out now!

New Cheap Soda release, this time is a Split with COM_Surrogate, great experimental microsound stuff that you can check here.
And a new Split with CDR and XoArK full of neat braindance that you can get here.

May, 8 2018

New Cement Tea EP and 3 upcoming splits!

You can get the new Cement Tea EP on Doomcore Records! "Butterfly Torturer" will likely become a 3-volume series!
Along with this new Cement Tea EP, i have 3 upcoming splits! One is 90% finished and its with CDR and XoArK, will release soon on Dojikko Records! The other 2 ones are a split with Girls Eating Boys that will likely release on Dochakuso and another split with me as Cheap Soda with COM_Surrogate!

May, 6 2018

New Cheap Soda Track

Coming soon on a split with COM_Surrogate/Vziel Project, you can listen to it here.

May, 4 2018

2 New Albums!!!!

The Smol Musics! Album finally released after the 5 volumes of the EP series and SWIRLY EP! Get it here!
Also, released a new Split as Shovelware with Sascha Müller and Surrogate Sigma on Genetic Trance, listen to it too! Very chill minimal techno tracks!

May, 1 2018

"Indigo and Light Blue is now released on Brk Fast!"

Done this EP while upset with some life things that happened, get this melancholic-but-cute piece here!

April, 28 2018

New track!

Did a cute little track inspired by Casino Versus Japan and my EP Nostal!
Listen to it here

April, 24 2018

Site released!

The new version of site is now avaliable fully for the public! I eventually fix some bugs, that some mobile versions seems to have, but overall the site is done! Welcome everone!

April, 23 2018

Site recreated!

After a long year i remade this site entirely, will make it more updated and more "professional" now (not giving any reviews anymore, or showing the games i like for example). Soon a lot of my "handmade" merch will be mostly sold only here (not sure yet), and hopefully when i get a job i also make pro-printed CDr's that will be sold on my bandcamp.

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