Hi! I'm Esca-chan! I'm a young amateur producer from Brazil and this is my website.

Here i will show some stuff that i do, like anime, game, music reviews and some audio scribbles that i may end up releasing!

My reviews are very brief and direct, you won't read ultra-giant pages of reviews, you will read more direct opinions and info!

Go ahead! Pick a category, have fun!

This is where i reccomend and make small reviews of my fave animes!
Most of the anime i watch is from the slice of life or mahou shoujo genre, but it have some ecchi and seinen there too!
I grew with games and its one of the main things that made me get into music!
this is where i will give my reccomendations about games i like a lot, mostly retro!
Music is one of my main reasons to live, i love making and hearing music, i grew with electronic music from 90s and i still growing in taste lately
I know a lot of electronic styles and i love to explore them, making or listening, here you will see what i think about some of the music i listen!
Making music is one of my biggest passions, here you can see my musics and also some audio scribbles i post only here and on instaud.io for free dl
i do electronic music of various genres, everyday i wanna explore sounds more!
Stuff i do" I Sometimes do stepmania charts, cursors, etc. when i feel like to, here you can download some of the ones i made!
My chart styles are mostly DDR Supernova-like but some are DDR 4th mix like!
Here's some links i have of my friends' sites, stuff i like, vsts, programs and other stuff i use!
The page gets updated eventually