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Hi! I'm Esca-chan, I'm a amateur brazilian producer that makes various genres from ambient to speedcore since 2016!

Follow me on YouTube and Bandcamp to know when i release a new track or album!
I also have a deviantART where i upload my yet-amateurish art!

I'm known as 7 pseudonyms, they are:

Esca-chan: my main project, technically have no set genre for it, its for a lot of genres that i feel like it fits to the alias specifically, mostly inspired by VGM, OSTs and other related things!
Unicode Dreamer: ambient alias, expect the most relaxing and soothing sounds from it!
Cement Tea: hardcore, industrial and overall-noisy alias, the harder edge of my music making very strong and noisy music to pump up your energy (and be spooky).
Cheap Soda: experimental alias, another alias who's genres aren't exactly defined, but is focused on "weird" and really experimental music overall.
Shovelware: techno, electro and jumpstyle alias, pretty much a alias made for the overall club sound!
Triple Discharge: drum & bass, jungle and breaks alias, expect the most wicked breakbeats and basslines from this one!
DJBKDR: mashup and mix alias, barely used yet!

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