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April, 23 2018

Friends and Links!

TSUNDERE VIOLENCE Good place to explore many music of multiple genres and i released some stuff there~!

MOESSACRE REX Friend's site to underground music reviews, interviews and also label!

CDR Great Braindance and Breakcore artist! Check out his "My Braindance" series!

Sascha Müller Amazing Techno artist with a incredbly large discography worth checking out! Look up for Sascha Müller on Archive.org to get his old free releases on many netlabels!

XoArK Another neat breakcore, breakbeat and IDM artist, check him out!

Girl Loves Girl!! Also another good netlabel that i released stuff, sadly off (i think).

Underground Core Collective neat netlabel, run by Ayane Fukumi.

SCREAMR Noise artist friend, go check if you like wicked noises and lewd names.

edgelord IDM musician, very nice and atmospheric stuff.

Katu Inatuk More music! he dont post much albums but is worth checking.

Glitching Glitter Another neat visual artist friendo.

Meronti/Formicophilia Another nice music friend, she does some noise and breakcore, plus same layout of old my site!

RSKP Great Speedcore label full of a lot of oldskool sounds, check it out if you want to go really fast!

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